Aajkal paaon zameen par, nahi padate mere...

(I don’t walk these days, I glide...)

These famous opening words of a song exemplify the lush sentimentality of a bride to be. Mute girlie palette makes way for bold exotic splendour. Our Bridal Collection holds your hand as you cross the threshold. You are and will always be the most radiantly bejewelled woman in your new world.

Choose from our treasury of ornate necklace sets, bangles, earrings, antiques etc. Let them bathe you in glowing happiness as a fitting memento to your marriage.

Accessorise your bridal wear with specially crafted add-ons to go with your attire, woven elaborately as a part of it. We offer decorative touches such as diamond studded lacework for yourself and a relief of gems for the man of your dreams. Wear it as a flowing veil or on a headgear, they bring a fluid resonance to the emotional high of your wedding vows.

As one of the largest wholesale suppliers, retailers and exporters in India, we bring to you a breathtaking range of Kundan and Polki Jewellery. Diamonds, coloured gems, pearls, enamels and gold are artfully embellished to give you anything from a mang-tika to a toe-ring.

Nothing can be more special and poignant than wearing heirloom jewellery on your wedding day. One to one consultation is available at our store for customisation and restoration if you wish to wear inherited jewellery. We do not melt what has been a part of your illustrious heritage; we skilfully repair or revise them into new designs for you as per the changing trends.

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