Bridal opulence, straightforward daily wear, creative art pieces, coveted engagement rings, mix & match jewellery, personal favourites etc. The list is never-ending.

Endless occasions call for endless imageries.

Inspiration does not have a fixed source. It can be born of a fleeting visual you saw on the television or something you noticed at a party.

It is quite possible that you felt like capturing on your camera, a design you saw in the shopping mall. Or it could be that you have simply scribbled it out of imagination.

We uphold all such creative pursuits in high regard.

Kundan, Polki, Diamonds, Gold, Coloured Gems, Pearls and Veeni Jewels are here for you!

We follow the rhythmic trail of the design you have in mind and make them into a reality. Personal consultation, attention to finer details and a flair for originality assures you of your dream wear. No matter how labour-intensive the expression of your vision is, to make it effortlessly simple for you and sensible on the wallet is what we strive for.

Old is gold for sure and old is also not to be sold. Yes we speak here of your family heirlooms that have been safely tucked away in the vaults. We want you to wear them again. Our distinctive approach to customisation ascertains that we take these antique outdated ornaments and reassemble them into versatile new-age wearable creations for you. We do this without melting or harming the original craftsmanship.

Repair & Restoration

To let a minor flaw foreshadow the beauty of a delightfully sculpted piece of jewellery would be such an apology. Be it a gem that has come loose or a chain that has come undone; we repair and restore it to its forgone glory with an expert team which has been in this business for generations.

Sourcing, matching, replacements, re-modelling, re-stringing, polishing, gilding, reinforcing, plating, diamond re-cutting, gem resetting, resizing, prong re-tipping etc., are the various supports we provide.

Wear and tear of something indicates that it is your favourite set of jewels. They can still be worn with the same sense of permanence. Hide the defect with just a retouch or enhance an underlying blueprint with added flourishes. We will turn them into shiny new renditions of themselves. Try us.


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