Originating from the Greek word adamas, a ‘diamond’ means unbreakable. It is the hardest known material. It was first mined and treasured in the famous Golconda mines of ancient India. May it be the much travelled Kohinoor or the supposedly cursed ‘Hope Diamond’, legends and tales have surrounded diamonds from time immemorial.

Do you want that special dinner to be extra special? Do you want her to say ‘yes’ as the big rock solitaire shimmers in flickering candlelight? Or do you want to make up for a lovers’ tiff? Choose perfect engagement rings and peace offerings for your beloved from our classic Diamond portfolio.

Meet our consultants to design your own triple-tiered necklace. Create an original deco or art nouveau piece fuelled by your imagination. Let the playful diamonds work their magic on gold, platinum or enamel mounts & overlays.

The fire in the heart of a diamond, enhanced by its chiselled facets, has a hypnotising effect on its beholder. They come in many shapes such as round, princess, baguette, trapeze, half moon, emerald, pear etc. You can select the contour best suited for your personality. For example, to make your fingers look long & slender you can use a marquise or pear shaped diamond in the ring.

To keep looking at a diamond and possess it forever is a desire one finds very hard to fight. Yield to it. Know more about this delightful rock in our other segments like ‘quick buy diamond guide’, ‘is bigger really better’, ‘tips for buying an engagement ring’, ‘surprise gift for her’ etc.

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