The second quarter of the nineteenth century saw a young eighteen year old Victoria become the queen of England in 1837. Her influence on design, jewellery and the creative blueprint is termed Victorian.

It lends a unique and characteristic air to the style that is fondly divided into three interludes. Romantic, grand and aesthetic. The distinctness of Victorian era is portrayed by the re-assemblage of jewellery inherited from Georgian era into newer designs. It broke away from the custom of passing jewellery ‘just as it is’ to the next generation for sentimental reasons. You could see a ring resurrected as a brooch or a button revived as a hatpin.

A change in simple sartorial fashion meant that clothes clung to the body in effortless cuts now. Waistlines dropped and skirts were fuller with additions of hoop bases. Low necklines disappeared and sleeves became short and puffy. This brought back buttons, brooches, belts and multiple bracelets in vogue.

This style arrived in India to be revitalised in the hands of gifted jewellers who turned them into ground breaking art pieces by putting the noblest of locally available stones & metals to service.

Victorian era was harmoniously dominated by love, elegance and nature-themed jewellery. Thus making lockets with painted miniatures a rage.

Decorative engraving and refined enamel work ruled the roost. Bohemian pink corals, rich turquoise and other gemstones infused the fervour which travelled to countries out of England.

We have an epic collection of Victorian jewellery in Kundan, Polki, Diamonds and other gems. What you wear conveys what you feel. Especially when it comes to Victorian design symbolisms. One can practically read thoughts if one knows the vocabulary. For example Amethyst stands for Devotion, Diamond/Serpent for constancy and eternal love, Emerald/Wishbone for Hope, Ruby/Salamanders/Ivy for passion, Lilac for knowledge, Crowned Heart (Claddagh) for triumphant love etc.

Go ahead. Express what you feel.

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