Veeni Bajaj

Nurturing the bond between art and jewellery, Delhi based Jewellery Designer Veeni Bajaj founded her signature gems boutique – Veeni Jewels in 1988.

Her innate aesthetic sense, hands on knowledge of precious stones and creative ability have brought to life genuinely breathtaking wearable designs. For a period spanning over 2 decades, thousands of discerning clients have underscored their important life-events by wearing creations designed by Veeni Bajaj.

Each piece is made especially for you to accentuate contemporary fashion trends befitting your personality. Employing an eclectic mine of resources, she has been instrumental in providing a modern twist to formal designs

High profile coverage across jewellery lovers has made sure that you can recognize a Veeni Jewels creation from afar. Our ever widening circle of friends and patrons are our greatest inspiration.

Saurabh Singh

Saurabh Singh joined Veeni Jewels after completing his graduation in Business and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. He provides the cutting edge industry acumen to our National & International operations. As CEO, he is responsible for the integrated quality control in compliance with global guidelines and setting up an advanced IT infrastructure at Veeni Jewels.

Creating a string of associates in Singapore, Bangkok, New York is his contribution to carrying the Veeni Jewels brand to the International arena.


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