Nature celebrates imagination. No two blades of grass are similar. The freshness of innovation and warmth of time-honoured traditions inspire you to look for a jewellery motif as unique as the person that you are.

Veeni Jewels sets ablaze this journey for you by kindling the radiance of Diamonds, Gems, Gold and Pearl. Regal or minimalistic, understated or flamboyant; we fashion exclusive jewellery to compliment every style. Dig into our sourcebook and have a look at the grand inventory of jewels and designs.

When it comes to Kundan & Polki ornaments, we are amongst the largest producers, wholesale suppliers and retailers in India. Our range spans from ceremonial bridal sets to small chic party wear charms.

Veeni Jewels Diamond Collection encompasses endless varieties of lavish wedding series, Victorian sparklers as well as subtle daily wear/office wear.

Get away from the passivity of treasured family heirlooms confined to the bank lockers. Take a walk through the corridors of this website and find out how you can customise, restore and turn them into your own versions of personal statement. You can preserve the magnificent handiwork of yesteryears yet alter and reassemble them into versatile new designs.

Come imbued with fresh enthusiasm and comfort levels that you approach your family jeweller with. We know, these treasured keepsakes are no less than crown jewels for you. Something that must be bequeathed to the next generation. Entrust us to treat them so.

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