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Our repertoire consists of all that your appetite for a salver full of awe inspiring jewellery can imagine. As one of the largest wholesale suppliers, retailers and exporters in India, we bring to you a breathtaking range of Kundan and Polki jewellery. Visit our store and bring to life any design you have in mind through our customisation & restoration services.

A preview of the latest designs is available on request.


Kundan literally stands for the fiery yellow gold in its purest form. Kundan jewellery involves an intricately hollowed framework of gold in which a symmetrical array of minimally cut gems or glass is set. It reveals their hitherto undiscovered beauty by setting them in shining gold based mounts.

An indispensable part of Mughal history, it is one of the oldest gem studding designs known. What started as a royal fashion in the dynastical power citadels of medieval India was soon embraced by neighbouring states of Rajasthan by the name of Kundan Jadau Meena.

Meenakari work is an elaborate art. Gemstones are enlivened by translucent or opaque enamels where powdered glass is melted and hardened into clean smooth panels. Indian enamelling work is distinctly different from French, Turkish or English cloisonné or plique-a-jour techniques. It is similar to the champlevé art.

Gold, precious stones and enamel are an integral part of the traditional Kundan jewellery. When Meena work is done only on the back of the piece, it is called Ek-posta Meena. Do-posta Meena is when it is enamelled from both front and the back. It makes the jewellery wearable from either side.


In Polki work, pure uncut diamonds replace the gemstones and glass of Kundan art. Disciplined rows of diamond shimmer against the concave backdrop of gold base and outlines. This salient feature makes it a much desired feature of any trousseau for a new bride.

Kundan & Polki have followed the laws of evolution and come out a winner through the ages. Every single time! What was for royal houses once upon a time is available for you today.

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